1. Scope and cost of delivery

Free shipping within the US

2. Transit time

Our regular delivery time ranges from 5 to 7 days to deliver the order.

3. Checking policy

When the delivery personnel arrives, the customer can inspect the merchandise and confirm its status with the staff.

Before receiving the items, customers can open the package to ensure that the product is correct and complete.

4. Duties to the forwarding service provider

The transportation partner is responsible for providing transportation services in accordance with the requirements and service standards outlined and agreed upon in the cooperation contract; commits to implementing the delivery policy and the policy of damage compensation if the shipping partner’s error causes damage to the buyer or us during service provision.

The shipping unit is responsible for supplying documentation relating to the products when required by the competent management agency in the process of performing the forwarding service.

5. If you want assistance with any information, please contact:

Kadyni S-Corp
(408) 580 – 7565