Our Story

Kadyni is a fashion brand specializing in unique jewelry made of healing stones and gemstones. The brand aims to inspire people who wear its jewelry to live to their fullest abilities.

Our healing collection reflects our values: genuine healing stones and gemstones carefully selected and hand-crafted into beads to make beautiful pieces of long-lasting jewelry that will inspire people to live to their fullest abilities. Each design uniquely highlights your personality, with each piece suited explicitly to certain signs of the zodiacs or compatible with different element signs. Elevate your personal style with these extremely limited designs. Most of the stones exist in quantities under thirty worldwide, assuring your piece is unique to you.

Each bracelet, necklace, ring, or pair of earrings is crafted from carefully selected stones by our team, and each one has its own meaning. For example, some say, “I’m unique,” while others convey, “we’re in love with each other,” or “I am striving for more achievements.” In addition, different stones or designs stimulate various emotions, such as love and passion or confidence and concentration.