Warranty & Refund

1. If there is a mistake caused by the manufacturer, Kadyni will apply a 1 to 1 exchange nationwide within 7 days.

* Warranty conditions: the product has never been used, and it has not been dented, scratched, or broken as a result of customer use.

2. Replacement wire support and replacement wire within 6 months; the manufacturer does not bear the shipping price when the customer submits the items to replace the wire.

Please keep in mind that there is no warranty for products containing gold-plated silver, stones, etc.

1. Product Return Procedures

– Examine the product return terms; the product must be complete and unopened.

– For refund information, contact customer service at kadyni.us@gmail.com.

– Product package, including the warranty card

– After receiving the items, the manufacturer will inspect them and return the money if the product is in good condition.

2. Product return conditions

– The product has a manufacturing flaw (broken, dented, not as pictured)

– The merchandise includes the original Warranty Card, which is not dirty or scratched.

– The exchange service is only available for the same product but in a different color, size, or consumers can exchange products with a higher price or value.

– If the goods are no longer available for exchange, Kadyni will refund you.

Except for the exchange and return situations indicated above, Kadyni does not accept other cases.

3. Product return time

Register to return the merchandise within 7 days of receiving it.

Please email kadyni.us@gmail.com with the tracking number after returning the goods.

4. Processing time

Kadyni will inspect and return the returned products within 7 working days of receiving them (excluding Saturday and Sunday).


In the following circumstances, we will issue a refund:

– The product is flawed as a result of the production process.

– The product does not correspond to the information provided on the website.

– The actual product differs from the image we provided.